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Computer-Aided Drug Design Scientist

$30k – $70k • No equity
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1. Join the Computer-aided Drug Design (CADD) team in Shenzhen; utilize molecular modelling and simulation methods, as long with in-house developed algorithms, in drug development projects;
2. Contribute to the construction and optimization of related workflows;
3. Collaborate with medicinal chemists; provide support for SAR analysis.

1. Master’s or doctoral degree, with CADD-related research background;
2. Familiar with structure/ligand-based drug design methods, including molecular docking, virtual screening, QSAR analysis, pharmacophore models, etc.
3. Familiar with the Unix/Linux operating system and command line tools.

The following experience is preferred:
1. Familiar with mechanisms of various diseases and the latest trends in drug development, preferably with experience in tumor or immune disease related projects;
2. Experience in leading compound optimization projects;
3. Familiar with programming languages, e.g. Python.

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