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Using AI of Retail Shelf Images for merchandising audit

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We are image processing experts. We believe in the growth of VR and AR. We develop technologies that enables efficient creation of VR and AR experiences. 360 image is at the core of static VR experience whereas 3D models are at the core of an AR experience. We develop technologies that help creates 360 images using simple action camera like GoPro or a mobile phone. We are also developing technologies to create 3D models from images/videos taken from a cellphone. We see applications of 360 and VR in travel, hospitality and real estate where as 3D-AR application in interior design, online retail where customers want a visual feel of the product and different education/training classes. We started as a online travel startup where we intended to use 360 images in experiential travel marketing but have dug further into image processing and have broadened our scope.
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Senior AI/Deeplearning/Computer Vision Engineer

Posted 4 months ago

We are looking for an experienced AI professional with in-depth knowledge in Deeplearning. At Xplorazzi we work exclusively with images and DNN.


3D Modeling Software (Python) Engineer

Posted 3 weeks ago

For this position you are expected to have some 3D modeling background. You should be familiar with 3D meshes and softwares like Blender, Autodesk etc.


Director of Engineering/Product Manager

You will lead a small team of engineers working on core image processing SW for image stitching, 3D model creation and ML/AI algorithms for image analytics. You need to have theoretical knowledge of image manipulation and expected to be hands on C/C++/Python programmer and familiar with Android a...