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Using AI of Retail Shelf Images for merchandising audit

Using AI of Retail Shelf Images for merchandising audit

We are image processing and analytics experts. We are currently applying AI/Deeplearning on Retail Store Shelf images to derive KPIs for visual merchandising and analyze store videos to study customer behaviour inside stores and product sales pattern. We have worked in AR/VR and 360 imaging in the past. We have applied 360 imaging and VR in travel, hospitality and real estate where as 3D-AR application in interior design, online retail where customers want a visual feel of the product and different education/training classes. We started as a online travel startup where we intended to use 360 images in experiential travel marketing but have dug further into image processing and have broadened our scope.

Director of Engineering/Product Manager

Senior AI/Deeplearning/Computer Vision Engineer

3D Modeling Software (Python) Engineer

Corporate experience of 7+ years with top firm like ARM.