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Booking & Distribution Platform for Experience Providers. (Sabre for Activities)



Anush Ramani

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Co-founder of @Xola, worked at @ThoughtWorks, @Intel and @Fidelity Investments. Computer hacker since age 12. MBA in innovation and technology.

J. Scott Zimmerman

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CEO. Interests: Product. Data Vis. SaaS. Scalable Sales Ops. Data Analysis. Medical Doctor.


Bojan Antonijevic

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An ambitious problem solver with a passion for programming.Deadline-driven web developer with a flair for creating elegant solutions in the least amount of time

Ethan Vaknin

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Enterprise Sales @Xola . Carmelle & Co., Abe Mor Diamond Cutters

Sophie Randolph

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Director of Customer Engagement | Xola

Mikey Rollins

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Worked at Xola, Apto

Derick Mathew

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Student, Engineer, Lover of Code

Sudhir Pai

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Full Stack Developer

Saranya Vijayabaskar

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Srisha Haridas

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BITS Pilani Electronics. Full Stack Engineer. Proficient in Ruby, Rails, PHP, JavaScript. Skilled in Android programming. Experienced in Scala and AKKA.

Arathi Pillai

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Business analyst at Xola

Igor Stojadinovic

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Lead Software Engineer at Xola Labs

Chris Stroud

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Director of Operations @ Xola.

Brandon DuBois

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Experienced sales exec with proven record in SaaS industries. Experience developing, deploying and executing sales models for SMB and Enterprise segments.

Luke O'Connor

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Currently: Design at AgenceMe Formerly: Product at Xola, Full-stack student at Actualize, Sales at Google, Finance at the Kelley School of Business.

Mathew Joe Thomas

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Programmer, Startup Enthusiast, Web Developer
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Board members and advisors

COO, Co-founder @PeerStreet Director of Product Marketing @Google Founder of @Google Analytics Founder of @Urchin Software Founding marketing lead on Google+
GP Polaris Partners CEO of oDesk, the world's largest online workplace.
CEO @Medcorder. Veteran startup founder, board member, product leader, ex-@facebook-2 and @Google. Stanford BSCS. Founded @Hacker Dojo.
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Former team

Shridhar Deshmukh

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jitendra vaishnav

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Noa Shavit

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Alexandra Bollinger

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Luke Brennan

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Julia Barrero

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