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Co-Founder and CTO of Xero

Rod Drury

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CEO of Xero - Beautiful Accounting Software http://nz.linkedin.com/in/roddrury


Yolanie Gamage

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Recruiter at Xero, with a penchant for tech, self-learning and entrepreneurship

Carrie O'Meara Malcolm

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Born and Bred in Wellington. Mum to Summer & Isaac, Wife of Chris. Golfer in my spare time! Global Head of Talent @ Xero

Shelbi Davis

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Alex Hawkhead

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Founder XLabs, @chopsumi.com • Worked at @Xero, @Fairfax Media • Studied at @University of Western Australia

Jolene Enoka

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Richard Fortune

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Sid Maestre

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Andrew Butel

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Founder @HoistApps, CEO of EndGame • Worked at @Xero • Studied at Victoria University of Wellington

Former team

Owen Evans

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Kathleen Urvalek

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Spencer Christeck

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Flavia Goncalves

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Pax Zwanikken

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