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Perks and benefits

Be a co-owner

Every single employee from the office boy to the founders has equity in the company. Everyone will work really hard to make Xeno a massive company, so when that happens why should everyone be rewarded?

Unlimited work from home

Work from as much as you want. Whenever you want. You're just responsible for ensuring your work gets done.

Unlimited vacation

We trust you to make the right decision. Need to take more leave sometime or less sometime else. Whatever it is, do what you know will make you HAPPY.

We invest in you

We believe magic happens when your personal goals and the companies goals are aligned. Your manager will work along with you to understand your personal goals and help you plan plus motivate you so that you actually achieve those goals.

Do the best work of your life while having fun

You will do more challenging work than you've ever done before and while doing that we make sure that we're all having fun because it's a long journey and we need to enjoy it 😊