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Why Xcelsior Engineering?

As indicated in the name, Xcelsior Engineering strives to create solutions of superior quality for our clients. This feat can only be achieved with a great team of engineers. At Xcelsior, we are looking for individuals who mesh with our mission statement and company values. Here are some other reasons to join our growing team:

A Unique Growth Opportunity - The best candidates are often motivated by the opportunity to learn, grow and be challenged. We strive to put our employees in a position where they can succeed, develop new skills and do things they wouldn't have the opportunity to do elsewhere.

Diverse Responsibilities - It's the opportunity to do work that helps you master a variety of transferable skills, or skills that are relevant across roles and industries. For example, you might get experience in project management, client relations, sales, marketing and finance.

Flexibility - The ability for people to work on their own schedule and build a flow that fits with their families, friends and activities. We have opportunities for employees to work from home and at your leisure.

We are always looking to hire Civil Engineers, CAD Technicians and Landscape Architects. Please send your qualifications to XcelsiorEngineering@gmail.com or call us at (516) 578-0923 to discuss employment opportunities.
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Project/Design Civil Engineer - Mid Level or Senior Position

Posted 11 months ago

Job Description

A unique opportunity to become part of a startup engineering firm! Xcelsior Engineering, based out of Denver, CO, is currently seeking a Mid-Level to Senior-Level Civil Engineer.