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Xandara (xandara.co) offers nutritional & lifestyle support products to help couples proactively prepare their bodies to conceive.

We help couples prepare for pregnancy like they prepare for every other important milestone (e.g., wedding, career) - with a lot of forethought & planning.

We believe that women and couples have SO much more control over their fertility than they’ve been led to believe by well-meaning doctors, friends and media.

This is an exciting time to be in the fertility space. There is a lot of attention and capital being invested in fertility solutions and we are positioning ourselves to be the premier preconception company out there.

We are just launching our first beta product and are looking to raise capital to fuel our expansion near-term.
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Marketing Lead

Posted 11 months ago
  • Develop and execute against a cohesive marketing vision, working closely with the CEO
  • Collaborate with branding agency on re-brand