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On the consultancy side, we help provide innovative solutions in data science and computer vision. On the product side, we are in the process of building a taxonomy-based knowledge management and sharing system which essentially translates into a learning platform and a query resolution system. The system also houses analytics, recommendation engine, chat-bots to allow organizations to keep track and make better use of the knowledge. The product is called KHOUSE. - Target industries are niche, mainly involving marine maintenance, advanced re-manufacturing and the likes. - The reason behind building such a product is due to a lack of experts in these niche areas which increases the gap between them and new learners. We are essentially trying to bridge this gap. - The vision is to be able to make an innovative learning system via Videos, 3D Models and VR to enable new learners to learn quickly and efficiently from the expert's knowledge. Other ideas are in the pipeline.

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Went to National University of Singapore

A M Aditya

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Founder @ CodeForIndia. Co-Founder @ Xaltius. Masters in Data Science @National University of Singapore. Building innovative products & helping businesses scale