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We were from NEO Blockchain and other successful venture projects, working closely with NEO Global Capital. We came together to explore novel AI inference techniques and implement complex systems based investment strategies to discover exponential growth opportunities. We excavate hidden value from the public information produced by the many communities that inhabit the internet.
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Data Scientist

Job Responsibilities

Responsible for the transformation of domain expert knowledge into structured data.
Extract meaningful patterns from unstructured social data.


Data Mining Engineer

[Job Responsibilities]

Use NLP to perform data mining and modelling to extract massive unstructured text data, design experiment methodologies, communicate and verify experiment results, and optimise machine learning models.
Extract, clean, analyse and process data based on business needs and d...


Data Crawling Engineer

Proficiency in the use of Requests, Scrapy (Distributed Scrapy-redis) crawler libraries or frameworks and crawler deployment;
Skilled in using Fiddler to crawl App data packets;
Skilled in using Selenium for dynamic HTML crawling
Familiar with XPath, regular expression, json module for data extra...