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Accelerate purpose-driven organizations´ growth, making sure they embrace the Data Economy

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Dathappy accelerates purpose-driven organizations´ innovation & growth, making sure they embrace the Data Economy
(--> Because Data Literate Businesses for Good are the future - and we have only 10 years to tackle collectively SDGs: dathappy.com/post/data-literate-businesses-for-good-are-the-future)
This generates decent job opportunities that we distribute in priority to less-privileged communities, leveraging the gig economy
When the Data Enthusiasts applying for our missions do not have all the relevant skills yet, we help them to upskill (from Data Literacy to Data Specialisation)

#co-creation #impact-driven #noOneLeftBehind #noBorder


Because innovation and growth generated through Data Science projects should be accessible to the changemakers shaping a better world and not only profit-driven large corporations

Because the job opportunities are incredible in the Data economy but some communities do not have access to those. Let's open opportunities to all with an inclusive gig economy
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Sales - Business Developer as an AFFILIATE FOR IMPACT

Posted 4 months ago

Because challenging times should never stop collaboration, help us to have a bigger impact supporting purpose-driven projects and be rewarded for that.

Jobs and revenue can be a challenge those days with the virus, but in our dream, you win, we win, the organizations win and we use those opportu...