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Finding a furnished apartment effortlessly - that’s what we call Housing as a Service


At Wunderflats, it’s about fun at work and our positive attitude towards the exciting challenges we face. Decisions are made by expertise and competence. Not managers decide but always a decider who gathered the expertise needed for a good decision – be it an intern or the CEO. Doing high-quality work is fun and we rather do fewer but important things and do them extremely well. And last but not least: Be yourself. Hiding yourself at work costs energy. It’s better to have all the energy for doing the work instead of adapting to the right dress code.

Personal and professional development is essential at Wunderflats. We want to enable everyone at Wunderflats to personally grow and reach their goals. To do that, everyone in the team has the freedom they need to learn and to make an impact on the company's future.

In our diverse team (13 nations and 40% of the leadership team being female so far) everyone can contribute to the company vision in their own unique way.

We are proud of our high retention rate and of the employees who rock with us since our start in 2015. To boost career development and personal growth we offer and encourage switching responsibilities within the company. We do our best to show new perspectives within the company if someone is interested in a career change. Up to now, 30% of the team members gathered work experience and technical skills in multiple teams internally.

We provide flexible working hours so everyone can arrange work, life, and family easily. Our office is located right at Alexanderplatz so everyone can commute between work and home smoothly. We also offer numerous benefits to our Wunderflatties such as fresh fruits twice a week, German Classes, yoga, regular team and sports events and many more.

Curious about what our team members think? Then check our Glassdoor and Kununu scores! :)