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Natural Language Processing to help you write better

Natural Language Processing to help you write better

Writing is an essential part of our lives. Whether it's writing an email, proposal or a blog entry, we always need to get our message across. But sometimes we know what we want to say, but not how to phrase it.

Writefull (writefullapp.com) is an application that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) on large language databases to give people feedback on their writing. People can select a piece of text in any writing tool (Microsoft Word, Pages, Gmail, etc.) and a small popover will appear above the selected text. This popover offers five options to assess and improve the selection with the use of the language databases.

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PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Co-founder @Writefull
Co-founder @Writefull. Full stack software developer. Enrolled in Master's program in Machine Learning @Georgia Institute of Technology .