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WREX's SaaS AI tech helps improve lead generation, reduce churn rate & increase revenues

Outstanding Co-Founder sought - we are interested in: CTO or CFO

$6k – $60k • 1.0% – 15.0%
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We are currently expanding and exploring the potential for a CTO and CFO to assist in building the business, this opportunity will offer the chance to work with an exciting and rapidly expanding start-up with global sights.

This role is ideal for ambitious, intelligent and entrepreneurial individuals looking to build a lucrative and exciting career with a revolutionary company within the AI Proptech SaaS space.

What we are looking for:

- Co-Founder, a forward thinker pushing the boundaries of a very exciting company within a $2.9 Trillion marketplace
- Ideally knowledge of the property industry, Enterprise, SaaS, or contacts within this space (not mandatory, but a bonus)
- If CFO we are looking for financial modelling, chartered accountant with history of scaling companies or wokring with IPO's.
- Involvement in all future planning and expansion aspects of the company
- Building affiliate partnerships and relationships to help increase rapid growth
- Help raising capital to gain further traction and expansion
- Planning, development and testing of the platform
- Development of the WREX infrastructure
- Big Data / AI, Computer Learning
- Preferably with a property technical background, but not mandatory

What you get back:

- Co-Founder status.
- An equity stake in the company. (Depending on experience and involvement with the company we would increase or decrease this accordingly)
- Pushing the technical AI boundaries, seeing the company grow globally becoming a mainstream name within the Enterprise SaaS industry
- Rapid growth with the company through its global expansion
- Mirroring the tech model and expanding into multiple markets such as: Rentals, Transportation and hotels
- Exiting within 5 years via IPO or trade sale
- Be apart of a disruptive proptech model which is looking to redefine the industry as we know it.

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