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Speech AI tool that auto-summarizes your meetings

Speech AI tool that auto-summarizes your meetings

Wrappup uses AI to auto-summarize your meetings, declaring war on pens everywhere! The platform uses a combination Speech Analysis, NLP, and Deep Learning models to identify important moments in discussion. Just invite lucy@wrappup.ai to your next call, and she’ll listen for keywords like “follow-up” or “next steps” to generate all the action items for you. Users can train the system with their own set of keyword triggers and vocabulary, making Lucy smarter and smarter as she grows! “I can’t wait to update Salesforce!” said no salesperson ever… Wrappup is now focused on inside sales teams. With automated meeting summaries, sales managers can get an accurate view on an opportunity in real-time. Each auto-summary comes with a link to playback the call on Wrappup, where 1 hour calls can be X-rayed in minutes! Playback the summary highlights or search through speech to jump to important moments of the call. You even analyze talk time from identified voices and playback specific speakers

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Ayush Chordia

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Co-Founder & CTO, Wrappup

Rishav Jalan

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Co-Founder at Wrappup. Mobile Developer with over 5 years experience.
Founder of Wrappup • Strong business strategy background at Bain & Company for 4 years • Studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland