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Surveys that don't suck

Surveys that don't suck

Woxxer is revolutionizing the way organizations collect data. We do "surveys that don’t suck"--our platform captures meaningful feedback, at the point of contact, in a way that users aren't bored or repelled by, and even feel that it respects them more. It is a three-dimensional rating engagement tool for intelligent consumers, employees, experts, or other key users.
With Woxxer you can invite them, with far more success and less stigma, into a survey-type interaction. There they can offer nuanced feedback to each piece of the content that matters most to you (your products, branding, marketing, or other critical leverage points). By quantifying the qualitative, Woxxer has a complementary and powerful use as a sortable filter and human-powered data aggregator that provides useful ways of navigating the vast amount of content and opinion out there, optimized by an individual user’s intelligence.

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Founded TwittaBling jewelry company. Ran social media @ New Edge Design, JetFuelPR & VAI Named one of the Next 88 People to Follow on Twitter by TechnMarketing
Co-Founder, Vault. Founder, Woxxer. Innovator, Consultant, Advisor to companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500.
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