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No More Passwords; Guaranteed Human Attribution

No More Passwords; Guaranteed Human Attribution

Users love Woven because we eliminate passwords and just make their lives easier. Businesses love Woven because we greatly reduce IT security risk, lower setup, and support costs, and help ensure PII-related regulatory compliance. Woven verifies real human identity and creates cryptographically verifiable digital credentials that are used by the employee throughout the employee lifecycle. Woven is a next-generation digital identity management platform for employees that creates trust through guaranteed human attribution using secure cryptographic keys, multiple levels of biometrics, and distributed ledger technology. At their employer’s request, users create a Woven account, verify their identity, and use that identity to log in to enterprise systems and SaaS applications, e-sign documents, and provide consent for the sharing of any personal information. Woven identities are employee-centric, meaning they are owned by the employee and not the business.

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Founder & CTO at Woven; formerly at SmartThings, frog, Ericsson, Cisco, RealNetworks

Jeff Hagins

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5-time Founder/CEO/CTO. Founder/CEO at Woven: making identity easy for employees and consumers by eliminating passwords and ensuring strong human attribution.