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Unlocking life insurance to provide for the aging world

Head of Special Projects / Founder Apprentice

$12k – $60k • 0.25% – 1.0%
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We’re looking for a Head of Special Projects / Founder Apprentice to join our growing team.


Worthright is a FinTech company innovating at the intersection of aging, retirement and insurance. Our vision is to offer families the financial opportunities they didn’t know they had. We do this by unlocking the fair value of an existing life insurance policy to help pay for what people want and need today.

As our Head of Special Projects, your mission is to anticipate the many blind spots the company’s founders must navigate as they bring Worthright to market. Your work and responsibilities will morph over time but be anchored in our go-to-market and partner enablement efforts.

You will balance scrappy with thoughtful, focusing daily on things that advance the core of our company, not the vanity opportunities around us.

We operate by our values, and expect you to do the same

Practicality over perfection: Ask yourself what you can progress in a day - and create and execute your work with that velocity. Being wrong is expected, as is generating learnings that can inform our collective future.

Own your superpower: You’re the master of many domains and you’ll use your time at Worthright to continue refining that mastery for wherever you're headed next

We exist to serve: You believe that our customers are the fundamental and most important reason behind what we do; your effort is a way of reaching more people who could benefit from our solution.

We are outcomes driven

  • In the first 30 days, you’ll begin project managing a number of our key design partnerships with corporate partners
  • In the first 60 days, you’ll understand, create and execute a partner enablement program for these design partners
  • In concert with the CEO, you’ll prepare the company’s upcoming investor and advisor updates, as well as participate in ongoing advisory board meetings
  • Overtime, you'll morph your role to achieve mission-critical jobs for the company while advancing your own skillset as a future startup founder

Besides what you do, we’d like to talk about how you do

You value evidence over opinion - you use experimentation and MVPs to gather evidence which proves or disproves assumptions our company has

You’re persistent: you demonstrate tenacity and a willingness to go the distance to get something done, even with uncertainty or missing information

You’re self-directed: you act without being told what to do, bring new ideas to the company, you’re able to manage up and also ask for help

You’re flexible and adaptable: you adjust quickly to changing priorities and conditions, cope effectively with complexity, uncertainty, and rapid change

You’re calm under pressure: you maintain stable performance when under heavy pressure or stress; you know when to ask for help, delegate, and say no.


We’re an early-stage company so compensation is commensurate with our size and level of maturity. You’re joining Worthright today, not because of the immense salary you’ll take home, but instead, for the impact you’ll have on thousands of families, the work you’ll design on a daily basis and the control and autonomy you’ll have on your place in a growing company. Ideally our Head of Special Projects will be a project-based member of the company, offered cash compensation with the possibility of stock options. We are open to creative work structures and are a remote-first company.

Meet your team

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CEO of Worthright. Operating at the intersection of aging, fintech and insurance. Founder of Startup Institute, EIR @ Techstars.
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer @Worthright.

Worthright at a glance

Unlocking life insurance to provide for the aging world

Worthright focuses on Financial Services, Insurance, Elder Care, and Finance Technology. Their company has offices in Boston. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://worthright.co or find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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