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Travel the world by sharing your skills

Travel the world by sharing your skills

Worldpackers makes traveling more accessible to everyone. We connect people who want to travel exchanging their skills for accommodation with hosts that are looking for help in return. We believe traveling changes people and people will change the world. By sharing knowledge and space, travelers and hosts save money, learn new languages, understand different cultures and make life long friendships.

User profiles (traveler or host) are based on reviews, recommendations and endorsements made by previous travelers and hosts. Users are part of a collaborative community where they can share their experiences in a transparent and honest way. By allowing others to review and recommend each other, user profiles are both accurate and credible.

Worldpackers is a community based on collaboration and honest relationships that make travel more accessible to those seeking a profound cultural experience. Our purpose is to democratize meaningful travel experiences through a collaborative mindset.

Eric Faria

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Co-Founder at Worldpackers • Worked at KPMG, moved to California volunteering in USA Hostel. Partnered ITH hostel in San Diego, managing dozens of volunteers
Co-Founder of Worldpackers •Worked as software engineer at Elo7, UX designer at Proprietario Direto, partnered Tailorbirds •Studied Computer Science at IME-USP

Riq Lima

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Co-founder of Worldpackers; Worked at Itau BBA and Santander Investment Banks, quitting to travel the world for 3 years. Studied at USP.

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