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Battling fake-news with collaborative web-research.

UX/UI Designer for fake-news startup

$55k – $100k • 1.0% – 3.0%
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Humanity faces countless complex challenges. In order to solve them we need to make sustainable, effective and compassionate decisions. Otherwise we may not survive and thrive beyond this century. Well informed citizen are key to making good decisions, but they suffer from information overload, leading to widespread misinformation and polarisation.

Worldbrain.io is an open-source social enterprise with the goal of battling online misinformation and societal polarisation at scale. We are building software tools for people to overcome information overload when documenting their web-research and consuming content on the web.
Our first tool is Memex, a web-research assistant currently used by 10.000 people generating small presales revenue.
For more information, see our vision deck. worldbrain.io/vision_deck

We are at a stage where Memex would greatly benefit from consistent UI and better UX to increase user retention and conversion into premium products & our crowdfunding campaign.

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