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Automated hiring platform for hourly workers

Automated hiring platform for hourly workers

Workstream (workstream.is) is an automated hiring platform for companies employing hourly workers — retail, restaurants, cafes, logistic companies, hospitality firms, and on-demand startups. We are more than a B2B applicant tracking software for companies. We cut in half the time that companies take to hire, on-board and train hourly workers via automation, mobile workflows and machine learning. Workstream is a simpler and smarter way to hire a fast-growing modern workforce. We are changing the way that companies hire today by solving the inefficiencies of a service economy that is characterized by unpredictable labor. We are a team from Harvard, MIT, Google, Y Combinator and WeChat, backed by some of the top angel investors and venture capitalists. Based out of San Francisco Bay Area, we are rapidly growing and grew up in this industry ourselves and feel passionate about transforming this industry.

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Lei Xu

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Co-founder of @Workstream . Ex-YC founder. Ex-Google. PM and engineer. Former management consultant. Top of class @Uc Berkeley College Of Engineering .

Ruoyu Wang

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Serial startup founder. 2016-now Co-founder and CTO of workstream.is 2011-2016 Co-founder and CTO of vc.cn