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Making hard work easy

Making hard work easy

At Worksmith, we want to help brands adapt to the new world of retail. Great store experience is the new industry standard. Our mission is to help create a positive and memorable experience for every person stepping into our clients' stores.

We know that this is a HUGE task with many moving parts and pieces. It involves everything from facilities maintenance to employee presentation, to event production, visual merchandising, and more — almost all of which require the help of local service providers.

In 2015, we set out to create a solution: a software-enabled marketplace that makes the hard work of finding, scheduling, managing, and paying local service providers easy. StoreXM was born. Our platform transforms the way retailers collaborate with local service providers. We cover a variety of industries and service lines, and today we service over 4,000 locations across the US and Canada.

Casey Jones

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Project Management - 2 years People Management - 6 years Business Operations - 2 years Small Business Consulting Web Development

Marisa Browne

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Experience with Marketing Operations, Account Management, Employee Relations, Budgeting/Forecasting. MBA graduate.

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