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Making hard work easy

Making hard work easy

Worksmith is transforming the way retailers, restaurants, pharmacies, and many more manage their operations by providing a single solution for all of their facilities needs. Our software-enabled marketplace seamlessly connects our clients with local service providers across the US and Canada to provide high quality service at the best price for everything from repairs and maintenance, to commercial cleanings, to garment and linen care. Worksmith’s software saves time, money and headaches: for clients, Worksmith provides the peace of mind of knowing any emergency or recurring maintenance need is being handled efficiently and effectively by the Worksmith network. For service providers, Worksmith is an easy-to-use, pay-for-performance marketing vehicle that provides job opportunities without the hassle of sales and marketing, billing or collections. Our platform provides the means for local service providers to dramatically grow their business: the top-performing service provider made nearly $500,000 through Worksmith in 2019.

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Casey Jones

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Sales/Business Development - 3 years Project Management - 2 years People Management - 6 years Business Operations - 2 years

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Experienced sales & operations manager

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