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Automate everything using bots

Automate everything using bots

We like to call Workflows an Intelligent Business Operating System, or iBOS. We want every part of a company, including management functions, to be automated by Workflows. Think of Workflows as a less scary version of Skynet, for businesses.

There are two key parts to Workflows:
1. Process automation
2. Management automation

Process automation:
We have created a beautiful drag and drop web interface through which the user can select bots on our marketplace and sequence them to create automated processes. Everything about automating a process for our customer should be easy, and we have (and will continue to) go to great lengths to improve their experience.

Management automation:
We are investing in machine learning and AI here to take on the soft tasks that management need to do. There are many many problems, and we are extremely excited about using ML/AI to solve them.

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