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Fastest Cross-Enterprise collaboration tool for G Suite

Fastest Cross-Enterprise collaboration tool for G Suite

Workep delivers the fastest project management experience for cross-enterprise collaboration, in a platform that’s flexible, easy to use, and fully integrated with G Suite. Learn more: workep.com

Choose the work methodology that best suits you and your team members:

- To-do list: Organize your tasks in lists and never lose track of an important task.
- Kanban: Visualize your work, identify any issues, and test out changes to improve your flow.
- Gantt chart: Visualize your tasks scheduled over time, identify bottlenecks and critical tasks that could affect the rest of the project.
- Agile: Break your project into iterations, release project segments, evaluate their success, and adapt to avoid major failures.

Made for Google
With a single click, you can turn the entire G Suite into a collaboration platform.

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I have 6 years of experience developing software, mainly in Javascript. I'm passionate about problem solving and science in general.
Founder of Workep (Project Management for Google Apps) and Magno (Future of work tool for workflows management)