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Enterprise-level software solutions for financial management, HR, and planning



Lynn Chyi

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Andrew HoChoy

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Engineering Manager @Workday - Leading the team that's transforming employee experience through interactive media.

Clinton Buie

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Stanford EE MS, Engineering Leader - Mobile (iOS, Android), Worked at Microsoft, Intel, MIT, Workday, Harmonize

Jason Wang

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Intellectually curious engineer with experience scaling and bringing a product live; looking to explore my passion of telling stories with data.

Piotr Kacprzak

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Software Engineering with the ability to use & understand a variety of languages. Functional programming and Clean Code enthusiast.

Joseph Le

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Design Technologist at @Workday • Studied HCI at @University of California, San Diego

Rachel Compeau

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Yongjian Chen

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B.S. Computer Science, University of California, Sand Diego

Rohita Arora

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Sam Li

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I build driven teams that can deliver game-changing products to users.

Shehba Shahab

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Product Marketer | Business Strategy | Sales Strategy

Martie Burris

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Works at Hewlett Packard as a Technology Consultant transitioned to Operations and Strategy.

Nathanael Park

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Berkeley graduate who self-taught CS skills; worked as IT Metrics Analyst at PG&E; working now as Associate Quality Assurance Engineer at Workday; moving to NC

Doron Zehavi

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ML Product Manager in B2B Enterprise Cloud Software
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Board members and advisors

Co-founder/Managing Partner, Fifth Wall. Co-Founder/CEO, Identified (sold to Workday) Co-Founder, Cabify $29 million invested on AngelList, 28 syndicates.
Founded BCOTAX to provide corporate tax services to start-up and growth technology companies and tax project resources for larger technology companies. Sample clients include Workday and DataSift.

Former team

Tamir Lhamsuren

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Catherine Zhang

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Grant Kerwit

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Ernest Patrick Trillo

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Amitai Berger

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Grace Baelen-King

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