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Project and Task Management for Slack Teams

Project and Task Management for Slack Teams

Workast is a project and task management platform for Slack teams. In a fast paced conversation, Workast can helps teams focus on what needs to be done, provides team greater visibility, increases task completion rates and reduces stress in the workplace.

Workast Slack integration is in the top 10 most popular apps on Slack with over 150,000 team installations. Notable teams include: Electronic Arts, Paypal, Ticketmaster, Oracle, VMWare, Expedia and IBM.

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Co-Founder at Workast, Strategic Partnerships and Customer Acquisition at ServiceTitan.

Angeli Yuson

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Co-founder at @Workast. Previous founder of Help For Fitness. Background in Software Project Management and Recruitment

Guillermo Gette

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Co-Founder at @Workast - Software Engineer. Entrepreneur. Traveller. Previously at @Expedia and @Yahoo