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Georgios Gatos

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VP of Growth @Workable. Previously co-founder & COO of @incrediblue. Loves startups, hosts Thessaloniki @OpenCoffeeGR

Ashley Cascadden

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Nick D

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People Operations Leader / Lover of tech start-ups poised for smart-growth. Happily parked at Workable (Boston).

Caroline Mancusi

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Customer Success/Account Manager looking to move into a Product role.

mallory c

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tech ops @ workable

Eleni Kostopoulou

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Kallirroi Dogani

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Data Scientist at Workable

Stratos Pavlakis

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Software coder and designer @Workable. Passionate about Javascript and all things web.

Natalia Jurczuk

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Customer Support and Operations
Data Scientist @ Workable. ex-Expedia Big Data Engineer. Imperial CS alumni.

D. Hartig

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Board members and advisors

Spyros Magiatis

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Founder @Workable • Worked at @Upstream, @Intralot
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Former team

Sage Jankowitz

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Eric Semon

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John Short

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Paul Mathieson

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Heath Allen

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Nicholas Leoutsakos

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