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At WORK JAPAN, our mission is to offer a variety of services with one goal: to uplift the lives of underserved foreigners living in Japan! Japan has an aging population with a median age of about 47 years. To create a sustainable future, such a population requires a relatively large number of foreigners to take up a variety of jobs and form an important part of the future. On top of this - Japan, though culturally very rich, is a largely homogenous society. In terms of policy, several areas like housing rules & credit services are not as accommodating of foreign workers as Japan’s western counterparts. Our mission is to change this, for the betterment of Japan and its working population. There are several challenges. First, we do not have services dedicated to support these people, such as multilingual job sites, efficient money remittance services and so on. Starting with the WORK JAPAN job site, which was released in November 2017, we have been dedicated to filling these gaps. In the near future, we are expanding to launch a variety of services in the areas of Fintech, Housing, Prepaid card issuance etc. To contribute to our mission - do get in touch with us. We are looking for talented people who want to help change our society.
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UI/UX Designer_Japan Start up

Posted 7 months ago

We have just launched our first iOS app WORK JAPAN on November 2017, we are planning to release Android on December 2017,
you will be leading the UI/UX of the iOS and Android app,and web

If you have experience in Web Design it will also help.



Engineering Manager/ Technical Lead JAPAN_Startup

Posted 10 months ago


We are looking for a technical lead experienced on managing technical issues, including software development, product releases, and engineering tasks.
A person who has skills to understand Business Team requirement and experienced to design the structure of our IT systems and oversee...


Senior React Native Developer for Hybrid APP

Posted 9 months ago

*A degree in Computer Science and Engineering
*React Native knowledge with experience in building Hybrid App
*Nice to have experience writing unit test cases, profiling with Instruments,
CI/CD, etc.Expertise in algorithms and data structures
*Excellent problem so...