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Where Artists Find Open Calls

Where Artists Find Open Calls

WOOLOO.ORG connects the resources of more than 28,000 art professionals in over 140 countries, enabling all of them to share work, concepts and collaborate in both online and “real-world” events.

Wooloo invites artists, curators and interdisciplinary collectives to publish their work on the website. The work can take the form of individual exhibitions or collaborative Open Calls asking other users to take part in art competitions, social experiments or group exhibitions.
It is our direct aim that Wooloo’s growth shall continue to empower emerging artists everywhere and further bridge geographical divides by making more opportunities available to colleagues based outside the West.

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Russ Ratshin

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Worked at @Responsys • Worked at @Aster Data Systems & @Teradata. Studied at University of California, Los Angeles, @Columbia University