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First Employee of Rocket Internet, then Co-Founder & CTO of Wooga


Eric H. Song

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Nicolai Bohn

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Tech-enthusiast, usually located at the interface of IT and business.

Matt Hood

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Sagar Datta

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Matthew J. Roberts

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Early employee & lead producer at ngmoco, led games portfolio for Windows Phone and Windows 8 at Microsoft Studios. Head of Studio @Wooga
Founder @Black Hand Animtion • Worked at @Wooga • Studied at @University of Ottawa

Anton Troynikov

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Founder Geddit. IT consultant - IBM . Software Engineering Intern - Google . B. Computer Eng (Hons), B. Econ/Commerce.
Cofounder of FabGate, worked as product manager, freelanced as software developer, MSc in Computer Science
Founder & CEO at ColorElephant / Digital Strategy & CX / Runs digital studio building high growth products daily.
Currently @C4Ventures - Worked at @Kima Ventures, @Wooga and @Orange Studied @Telecom Bretagne
UI Developer, Hungry & Foolish

Board members and advisors

Robert Moffat

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Partner at @Balderton Capital (formerly Benchmark Europe). Previously at Google. Investing early stage in high potential online/tech/media companies in Europe

Former team

Jan Miczaika

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Ina Schneider

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Guillermo Álvarez

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Kerry Wei

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Raimon Bosch

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Mauro Piano

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