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WonksKnow is an innovator of technology that helps educators and learners achieve their potential. We aspire to provide the best in education and technology to all our customers. We look to be a leading provider of education and education technology using comprehensive cutting-edge methods to bring access to high quality education globally. Wonksknow Technologies India Private Limited (WK Tech) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wonksknow LLC, based in Pleasanton, California. Wonksknow LLC is focused on the education sector working towards enriching the lives of kids and adults by providing the very best in education and technology. WK Tech supports Wonksknow LLC in its operations and is the backbone of its global operations. The Opportunity: Technology education expands creativity and accentuates logical reasoning. Two main pillars of STEM education are Electronics and Computer Science. These two disciplines dominate the Silicon Valley and create the greatest number of highly successful businesses in the US. These skills are highly sought after and ensure satisfying and financially secure future. Early exposure to computer science and computer programming also helps kids in developing strong critical thinking skills, which will help them in all areas of life. It’s expected that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computing jobs available but there will be only 400,000 computer science students available. It’s a $500 billion opportunity. Even now, around 60% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs are Computing (Computer Science / Computer Programming) jobs. It is our goal to leverage this opportunity and provide solutions that would aid the development of a better future.
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Python Trainer and Developer

Posted 6 months ago

Wonksknow Technologies India Private Limited, a subsidiary of Wonksknow LLC USA, is looking for highly energetic and talented Computer Science and Electronics Engineers for a challenging role as a Programming Instructor/ Trainer and Developer.

The role involves teaching student of all ages (7 – ...