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Wonderbly lives on the intersection of storytelling, engineering, digital and print

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Wonderbly is a unique, award winning startup that lives on the intersection of storytelling, engineering, digital and print. We are building a new class of global publishing business that brings millions of people into our superbly high quality products - as co-creators and audiences - and in doing so empower them to build connections with each other.

We’re calling it Personal Publishing and we believe it’s going to be massive.
Our focus in the near future is with the children market where it all started - creating stunning, uncompromisingly high quality and technically ambitious personalised books for kids. You see, we’re not in the children’s book business. We’re in the business of sparking kids’ imaginations and inspiring boundless self-belief. That might sound a bit over the top, but we truly believe that imaginatively personalised stories are one of the greatest ways to make a child feel loved, unique and capable of anything. To show them that any story they imagine could be their story.

We write, illustrate, build, design, and sell all of our products directly, and have a terrific team working to produce our wonderful products spanning from Art Directors to Dev Ops. Working together we have sold more than 3 million books in every country in the world, and we’re just getting started! With the work you’ll do here with us, we’d like to think we’re on track towards becoming the UK’s most admired creative company.