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App to combat sexual harassment at workplace

App to combat sexual harassment at workplace

Woices helps businesses and employees combat sexual harassment at workplace. It empowers every member of a company to take action and work together for a safe, healthy environment where everyone can thrive.

The US EEOC estimated that up to 85% of women report having been sexually harassed in the workplace and 75% of those who spoke up faced retaliation at work. In such situations, perpetrators may keep targeting victims for years before someone speaks up.

Woices addresses this exact problem. Employees can now instantly and privately send a message directly to anyone in top management - such as in HR, or even the CEO. The identity of the sender is never revealed.

They just have to launch Woices app from their phone, select a receiver from available phone book and send a message. It also supports chat, images, location, audio and video.

Management also gets a dashboard that offers customized reports with ability to manage messages and setup notifications.

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