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Junior/Medior Vue.js Dev

$24k – $46k • 0.1% – 0.25%
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Witnet Foundation is looking for junior full stack developers with some React.js experience to join the hottest blockchain project in Madrid.

We're creating one of the most important building blocks of the new decentralized economy: a network of oracles that connects smart contracts to any external data source (+info at witnet.io)

You'll be working in the development, testing and maintenance of Sheikah, the first desktop client and wallet app for the Witnet blockchain.

You'll be coding with Javascript, VueJS, NodeJS and Electron and using Git non-stop.

We'll value very highly any past contributions to open source projects and communities. We'll be open sourcing all of our software too!

At Witnet Foundation, you'll enjoy a full time position with flexible work shifts and 4 remote days a month. The contract period is open-ended, salary is negotiable and your implication and commitment to the project will be rewarded with a percentage of the company's Wit tokens, which will work in a similar way to stock options.

This position will give you the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of one of the most disruptive technologies ever, make a name for yourself in a really exciting industry, attend specialized events worldwide and know the top devs and leaders in the crypto space.

Our headquarters are located in a beautiful penthouse in Madrid city center (close to Alonso Martinez). It's super bright, there are always caffeinated drinks and we have an amazing terrace with a barbecue for our occasional team parties ;)

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Adán Sánchez de Pedro Crespo

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Tech Lead at @Witnet_io, CTO at @StamperyCo, founder of @LoquiIM, lecturer, cypherpunk and amateur ukulele player.
Proud father of two, Stampery co-founder, Witnet Foundation operations lead. Tech lover and crypto believer!

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