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Kevin Mahaffey

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Founder/CTO @Lookout. Engineer, entrepreneur, investor, hacker, snowboarder, struggling artist, kitesurfer

Louis Beryl

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Bringing big ideas to life. 3X Founder of Earnest, SolidEnergy, and now working on the next one. Formerly a16z and YC. Active angel investor and board member.

Tirto Adji

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Technologist, Founder, Investor.

Sharad Agarwal

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I'm active in tech & angel investing in the Seattle region. 15 years at Microsoft Research.

Yuri Sagalov

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Visiting Partner at @Y Combinator. Co-Founder of @AeroFS by Redbooth (acquired by @Redbooth). @University of Toronto alumni

Alexia Tsotsis

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Founder of Dream Machine, co-editor at TechCrunch. Breaks news, hearts. alexia@techcrunch.com

Justin Waldron

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co-founder @Zynga (nasdaq: znga)

Peter Derby

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Started several entities in challenging conditions and succeeded in growing them.
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