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Gift the Experience

Gift the Experience

Wishbox is a Montreal start-up geared to service businesses of any size. Wishbox is a tool that helps companies build stronger relationships with their clients and employees. We offer a new and creative way to interact with your audience. Wishbox is a web platform which allows you to send experiences and activities in the form of a gift to those who matter most to your business. Fast, easy and effective. Our mission is to help brands build customer loyalty as well as increase your client referral and employee retention rates. With our system you no longer have to guess what "they" like; let them choose for themselves!

Our go to market strategy focuses on getting traction with direct sales in the B2B market landscape.

Austin Hubbell

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Developer | Innovator | Entrepreneur Founder & CTO of @WishBox.gift

Konstantin Kostychuk

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Founder of TTBA Group I have a thing for content, digital marketing and social media management. Co-founder of Wishbox.gift, I live for business development.
Founder @WishBox.gift, Founder @TTBA Group Passionate about entrepreneurship and design. Studied @John Molson School Of Business, Concordia University, Montreal

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