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Helps restaurants enhance guest experience and grow profit



Arjun Iyer

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Self-driven leader with unique background in software engineering, customer-first-minded product development and people-management.

Tyler Felous

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Co-founder, COO @Wisely.

Mike Vichich

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Cofounder, CEO of @Wisely


Tiff Saylor

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at Wisely

Andrea "AJ" Jacobs

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Andres Jasso

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Head of Design @Wisely

Jacob Hash

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Looking to build software that makes a difference in the world

Alexander de France

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University of Michigan Computer Science, Developing iOS Apps, Engineering Research Background, International Experience

Eric Kerkes

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Helping to increase guest experience & guest retention

Steven William O.

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Steven William O. Developer at Wisely Ann Arbor, MI

Tanay Girish

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I'm a passionate software engineer who has interned at 4 companies spanning from the health care industry to CRM applications to recruiting software.

Former team

Lexie Ernst

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Rachel Eisenberg

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