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Senior UI & UX Designer

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## Enough with your BS design job

You've worked for years designing apps for clients small and big, spending countless nights perfecting your understanding of UX best-practices and polishing your UI skills.

You cultivate your artistic side with photography, architecture or painting and fill notebooks with notes and doodles to keep your inspiration flowing.

Problem is, you don't get to use any of that at work.

You're being bossed around into designing dull UIs, taking no risks and have little to no say on the final product. Your job starts and ends at mockups.

**Here's what you should do: join our team**.

## What you’ll do:

**Design digital products for tens of millions of users**. Think WeChat mini-programs, Web or mobile apps for brands like Starbucks, Burberry or Hilton. We also have our own products.

On a day-to-day you will:

- **Collaborate with our team and clients to create winning digital strategies**. You will work with designers, developers, data experts and strategists both on our team and our clients' to shape the strategies behind the products we develop.
- **Design UX and UI for our apps**, from story boards and wireframes to userflows and mockups. We tend to use figma, Sketch and Zeplin heavily.
- **Get involved in the UI/UX community**. We organize the [UI/UX Conference](2018.uiuxconf.com) and UI/UX meetup in [Shanghai](meetup.com/UIUX-Meetup-SH), [Berlin](meetup.com/de-DE/Berlin-UI-UX-Designers-Meetup) and [Paris](meetup.com/fr-FR/Paris-UI-UX-Designers-Meetup). We're committed to growing these communities.
- **Help shape our product design practice & mentor others**. We're building an A-team of product designers. [We document our process](playbook.wiredcraft.com) and challenge each other to get better. We'd like you to help us with that.

## We are looking for someone who:

- **Has 4+ years experience in UI & UX**. You should have a few projects you'd be proud to show us and an active portfolio of personal work.
- **Knows China and Western design**. We'd prefer locals with a solid understanding of the digital landscape in China (we work a lot on WeChat apps) and a sensitivity for Western design trends.
- **Wants to learn**. We encourage everybody on the team to acquire new skills. If you're interested in learning HTML/CSS, Project Management or WeChat development, we'll help you out.
- **Cares about the work you put forward**. Everybody on our team is committed to shipping products people want. This means you'll get involved way beyond the mockup stage.

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