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Javascript Front-end Developer

¥130k – ¥400k
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## What you’ll do:

**You will build large scale Javascript apps**. Think React Web apps, WeChat mini-programs or React Native mobile apps, relying on Node.js APIs, used by tens of millions of users.

On a day-to-day you will:

- **Contribute to products from design to delivery**. You won’t do everything, but we expect you to care about architecture, user experience, tech stacks, testing, deployment…
- **Write elegant code: maintainable, scalable and testable**. We care about details.
- **Help the team improve and teach others**. We all try and improve the way we build products and help each other continuously.

## We are looking for someone who:

- **Has 2+ years professional experience in front-end development**. You should have at least one project that you'd be proud to show us, or even better an active GitHub profile.
- **Knows Javascript inside out**. We work with React, Redux, Webpack, WeChat Mini Programs, ES6 in the front-end and Node.js in the backend (also Golang and Python).
- **Loves Open Source**. We actively contribute to Open Source and run events that attract thousands of people (like [JSConf China](2017.jsconf.cn)).
- **Is transparent and wants to learn**. We’re constantly trying out new technologies, challenging each other and discussing things in the open.
- **Value UI/UX and code quality**. We all play an important role in shipping products that people want. This starts with [designing for users](wiredcraft.com/blog/how-we-design-products) and writing elegant code.

Meet your team

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Founder @Wiredcraft, @devo.ps • Studied at @Enseirb
Founder @devo.ps • Worked at @ChinaNetCloud, @Wiredcraft

Juha Suomalainen

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Engineer by heart with passion for product development including architecture, design, processes and engineering.

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