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Last year, 39 million people bought a used car, and on average they overpaid by $2k. Buying a used car is a complex and costly process. At Wippy, our cars are 10% less than anywhere, our process is simple. We are disrupting a $740B industry.

Most used cars sales happen at a used car dealership. Those cars come from big wholesalers, who don’t have the ability to sell a lot of their cars on their own, so they send them to an auction. The problem here is that lots of people touch those cars in-between those steps, which is expensive and time consuming, averaging $4.4k/car and 44 days.

We list cars on our site immediately when the wholesalers are ready to sell and before they’ve gone through those expensive steps. If a buyer finds a car they want, we send that car to a dealership of their choice. The buyer saves on average $2k and they get a return guarantee, the wholesaler can sell up to 30 days faster, and dealerships make the same profit without having to purchase or market a car.
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