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Uber for waterless car wash

Uber for waterless car wash

Hello, we're Wipehero. We’re one of Australia's hottest startups, and we’re making huge waves in the carwash and automotive industries.

Go to our website or our apps and you'll be able to instantly book a professional, fully-vetted car detailer to come and clean your car, anywhere. Instead of wasting your time driving to the carwash, we'll match you with the best car detailers in town.

It also doesn't hurt to know that we have we have developed our own innovative waterless washing technology that is biodegradable and food graded, allowing us to wash all vehicles without a drop of water. That means no hose or water required. We don't just save billions of litres of water per year, we also save energy and minimise the carbon footprint for us and our clients. With every wash, we help you tackle the biggest user of energy in the world; the water industry.

From privately owned vehicles to fleets, homeowner to business, it's the new and convenient way to get your car washed.

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