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Global algorithmic trading firm in digital assets

Software Engineer - High-frequency trading of digital assets

£50k – £60k • 0.3% – 0.5%
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Wintermute Trading is looking for a Software Engineer who is curious about high-frequency algorithmic trading, crypto currencies/blockchain, decentralized finance and would like to join a dynamic startup with big global ambitions. You are going to be one of the first 15 employees with equity and ability to influence the course of the company!

At Wintermute Trading, you will the opportunity to develop your own product (trading algorithms, trading applications, and related infrastructure), while also getting advice and guidance from very experienced developers and traders, including the founders. You will get a job for which you would have been considered "under-qualified" for in big corporates, but here you will get a position with a lot of independence and responsibility right away, and you'll learn at an unprecedented speed! No legacy systems, no multiple levels of approvals. It is up to you to make an impact! And – you’ll have a chance to dig into the cutting edge fintech like decentralized finance. Learn more about the team here wintermute-trading.com/careers

Write to us if you are:

- Hungry, determined, competitive, willing to work hard and learn on the way

- Love coding, love problem solving, and love seeing your products work

- Curious about quantitative trading and algorithms and willing to learn about crypto currencies, blockchain and decentralized finance

- Have quantitative degrees in computer science; maths or similar degrees may be considered provided you can code in Python

- Like meritocracy and being judged by what you deliver

DO NOT write to us if you want a safe and boring corporate job where you can sit 9-to-5 to get your paycheck and start living on Friday afternoon.

We left high-paying safe jobs to build what we believe will be the future. We love what we do here, we are not waiting for 6pm and are not dreading coming to work on Monday. If you share our approach to work and have a similar view of the world, the upside for joining us is going to be huge! We have established ourselves as one of the top market makers globally, we have partnerships with the world's best crypto exchanges, platforms, and projects.

Hard skill requirements:

- Python coding skills with some developer experience - we will test! (You should also love it and be focused on delivery)

- Excellent quantitative and analytical skills - we will test

- Programming fundamentals (in C++, C# and/or Java, OOP)

- Understanding the basics of financial markets

- Willingness and curiosity to learn trading and decentralized finance

Please write us a short, honest, and direct message if you'd like to apply. Tell us about why you'd like to join us. Do not send us empty or generic applications, we are looking for authentic people who share our values and ambitions!


Our culture

We are a meritocratic organization – it is not about the years of experience or prior credentials; it is about what you deliver and how you contribute to the company goals.

We are entrepreneurial – we operate in a very dynamic market, which changes literally 24/7. Everyone should be entrepreneurial to see and act on opportunities.

We are professional – we set ourselves high performance bars, we always deliver and we only engage in highly ethical and compliant practices even in unregulated markets. Not only for the sake of being good, but because we believe it pays off long-term.

We are strategically focused – we are ready to forgo immediate transactional profits for longer-term success. We build to last. We develop long-term relationships with long-term players.

We are ambitious - we are here to build a large global business, not to hang out in a nice office with cool mates.

We are intellectually curious – education is not about degrees (although we have many of them), it is about every day learning.

We get things done – your title does not matter, we all do what needs to be done; the founders are very hands-on and the junior people get a lot of responsibility on day one.

We love having fun – we have daily trading games, weekly drinks, weekly board games, humorous chats.

Read about us: our story wintermute-trading.com/about, our team wintermute-trading.com/careers

Meet your team

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Founder @Wintermute Trading , formerly @Innovify , Industria et Humilitas, @Kaifuku Capital • Worked at @Optiver • Studied at @EDHEC Business School

Kamil Kurdziel

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Recent masters graduate in Applied Mathematics from Imperial College with a BSc in Physics with Theoretical Physics.

Remy Messadene

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Highly ambitious and competitive. Pure mathematician, physicist and computer scientist. High interests in machine learning, mathematical modeling and finance.
CEO of Wintermute Trading - we are a global digital asset trading company focused on algo trading and HFT. 10+ years’ experience of growing fintech businesses.

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