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Global algorithmic trading firm in digital assets


We are a meritocratic organization – it is not about the years of experience, tenure at Wintermute or prior credentials; it is about what you deliver and how you contribute to the company goals.

We are entrepreneurial – we operate in a very dynamic market, which changes literally 24/7. Everyone should be entrepreneurial to see and act on opportunities.

We are professional – we set ourselves high performance bars, we always deliver and we only engage in highly ethical and compliant practices even in unregulated crypto markets. Not only for the sake of being good, but because we believe it pays off long-term.

We are strategically focused – we are ready to forgo immediate transactional profits for longer-term success. We build to last. We develop long-term relationships with long-term players.

We are ambitious - we are here to build a large global business, not to hang out in a nice office with cool mates.

We are intellectually curious – education is not about degrees (although we have many of them), it is about every day learning.

We get things done – regardless of job titles, we all do what needs to be done to succeed; the founders are very hands-on and the junior people get a lot of responsibility on day one.

We love having fun – we have daily trading games, weekly drinks, celebratory events, weekly board games, some Dota sessions, and humorous chats.

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Perks and benefits

Stock options

All employees at Wintermute get options and it is used as an important and aligned incentive motivation tool, as everyone becomes an owner.