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Over the last few years, influencer marketing campaigns for brands have largely been managed by agencies. Typically, these campaigns are run manually on emails, phone calls and excel sheets. And they work just fine, to an extent. The problem arises when these campaigns need to be scaled and repeated frequently. That is when shit hits the fan and things fall apart. Influencers are not shortlisted based on data but on subjective opinions. Content briefs are incomplete and that results in sub-par content being created. Posts don't go up on time. And all along, the brand has no view on how the campaign is performing.

If for a moment we step back and break down the campaign execution process, it comprises more than 90% of redundant tasks that can be automated. Right from shortlisting influencers, creating and sharing content briefs, post reminders, payments, and performance tracking. By simply automating these tasks, the effectiveness of a campaign can increase by up to 4x in less than one-third of the time and effort. This is when the full potential of influencers and the concept of influencer marketing fully gets realized.

This is what Winkl has set out to do. We believe that by leveraging technology in the right places, influencer marketing as a channel can become highly repeatable and scalable for brands.

At Winkl, building a great team is one of the most important things we do. We want people whose personal goals align with those of the company. We believe that a great team is how you build a great product.

The team is a high performance, high impact seeking. If you feel you can give it your all, then Winkl is the right place to be. Our selection process is purely based on performance and motivation, giving equal employment opportunities to everyone.

We can’t be more excited to have you join us as we chase this opportunity. Let’s build something great together.

Please check out our website before applying to any of the positions - winkl.co
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Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer

Posted 3 weeks ago
  • Work along with the founding team, product and marketing leads to build a great product that our end users love.
  • Work on multiple aspects of the product. You will be involved in backend, frontend, dev ops.