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Winkl is where bloggers, influencers & content creators showcase their work, gain feedback, inspiration, community and get hired by top brands for collaborations.

We aim to help bloggers, influencers & creators focus a large part of their time on the creative aspect, while Winkl assists them with the rest - the right tools, brand collaborations, relevant audiences and the much required spotlight.

We left our cushy college placements to pursue this mission - to help bloggers, influencers & creators share their work with the world, make an impact with their art, stories and content and grow together as a community.

Today, people make real income by creating and sharing content on their websites, blogs and social media channels. Pursuing this vision will help millions of bloggers, content creators and influencers across the world, craft compelling stories, better engage with their audiences and increase their earnings. At Winkl, we have a huge opportunity to affect the lives and passions creators across the world.

At Winkl, building a great team is one of most important things we do. We want people who's personal goals align with that of the company. We believe that a great team is how you build a great product.

The team is high performance, high impact seeking. If you are feel you can give it your all, then Winkl is the right place to be. Our selection process is purely based on performance and motivation, giving equal employment opportunity to everyone.

We can’t be more excited to have you join us as we chase this opportunity. Let’s build something great together.

Please check out our website before applying to any of the positions - winkl.co
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Software Engineering

Android/iOS developer (Flutter)