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Sleep focused brand

Sleep focused brand

Wink & Nod wants to build a customer centric and trendy brand that can bring a breath of freshness to the sleepy mattress industry. Our goal is to acquire customers by selling them amazing products, leading with our innovative mattress, and then up-sell other bedroom products like pillows, bedsheets, sprays, candles and comforters. We want to solve 3 key pain points – poor mattress buying experience, lack of world-class innovative products and prohibitively high product prices that prevent people from buying good reasonably priced sleep products

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Joe Roos

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Experienced PE/VC investment professional and active angel investor. After a successful IPO (TSX:HBC) I am looking to make angel/seed investments.

Vishal Mundhra

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Sr Product Manager, Blockchain at OpenCrowd, Program Manager at TIBCO Software, Co-founder & CTO at Wink & Nod.
I am currently building the foundations of Wink & Nod in India. Our mission is to bring a breath of magic and freshness to the archaic mattress market in India.