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Empowering rural farming communities with actionable insights

Empowering rural farming communities with actionable insights

Wikilimo empowers farmers in remote areas with access to weather, agriculture and market insights without the need of high speed internet or a fancy smart phone. We analyze crowdsourced weather & pest reports and supplement it with predictions on pricing, pests and forecasts from meteorological bodies. Actionable hyperlocal agri-insights through SMS, USSD and Voice services in their local languages allows the farmers to protect crops and plan for fertilization and irrigation.

Machine Learning Engineering Intern

Data Engineering Intern

Anurag Saha Roy

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Experience in Embedded Systems, Electronics, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing. Love all things Physics and Engineering.

Roshni Biswas

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Software Engineer & Bioinformatician at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Founder, Wikilimo.