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Wiggle Room is a bootstrapped startup, presently pre-seed and in private beta, and seeks founding technical talent with the potential to grow into the role of Founding CTO. The company was incubated in the Blue Ridge Labs Fellowship in 2018, won a funded spot in the Catalyst Pre-Accelerator program, and has won programs with Bain & Co. and Titan Generators @ SXSW. This position is equity-based with a small monthly stipend at this point and is based out of our incubation space in Brooklyn, NY.*

About the Product

Childcare shouldn't be a sink or swim issue. Wiggle Room makes reaching out to family and friends for last-minute childcare fast and simple.

Our mobile app collects, organizes, and activates a parent’s informal care network when unexpected childcare needs arise, manages all logistics, and makes communication between parents and caregivers clear and simple.

Wiggle Room seeks to help families and employers recoup the $33 billion they lose every year to challenges balancing work and care. While childcare is practically a universal challenge, our product is designed for the specific scenarios low- and moderate-income parents face, seeking to raise the floor for everyone.

About Wiggle Room

Wiggle Room is the brainchild of two women of color. We intentionally bring a feminist, reparations-focused lens to our product and company. We don’t cut corners and treat each other, our users, and everyone we meet with integrity, especially when it’s hard. We trust one another and we trust our users.


You might be a great fit if you are...

+ A wonderful communicator, with a passion for explaining complex technical processes clearly and simply to non-technical people
+ An entrepreneur at heart who enjoys creating software from scratch that solves real problems
+ A full stack software engineer
+ Experienced in software architecture of web apps, mobile apps, databases, APIs, etc.
+ Experienced in progressive web apps with modern tools like React, webpack, etc.
+ Experienced in messaging services like Twilio

*While we can only offer equity compensation at this time, we recognize the ways in which this system creates a barrier to entry, particularly for people from marginalized communities who don’t have intergenerational wealth or other safety nets. We would love to figure out how to make this work with the right person. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to have this conversation.

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Founder Wiggle Room • Worked at @Purpose, @National Domestic Workers Alliance • UVA