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WhyHotel is pop-up hotel company operating in brand new, luxury apartment buildings.

Coordinator | Corporate Operations

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Have you ever wondered where the WeWorks, Airbnbs, and Ubers of the world came from? It’s easy enough to simply enjoy these companies without thinking about how they grew to be the brands they are today. The reality is that they were built from the ground up by many dedicated people committed to taking a new idea and making it feel as though the world could not live without it. 

We at WhyHotel are carving out our own industry-changing company starting by making pop up hotels a thing. We are bringing flexibility to the most inflexible asset ever: high-rise real estate. Today, our hotels operate out of newly-constructed luxury apartment buildings (explainer video here); however, this is just the start. We’re using our current platform as the springboard to further blur the line between hospitality, home, and work. Our vision is to build an engine that makes real estate better, smarter, and more flexible for consumers, developers, investors, and cities alike.

With 3 hotels and growing, WhyHotel has secured around $15M in venture-financing in less than 18 months and is poised to scale.  We have a staff of 50 today, we are now seeking a 200+ A team players to join us in 2019.  If you’re interested in joining a fun, fast-paced, high-growth start-up, read on.

**<u>Your Mission </u>** Your mission is to drive operational efficiency across all of WhyHotel to ensure our business is running as smoothly as possible and that we have the happiest possible team.

**<u>Your Legacy</u> ** You were so good at keeping your many operational balls in the air that WhyHotel was able to successfully scale like crazy and disrupt two industries (real estate and hospitality).


**Executive Office**

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Track </u>all to-do’s in a way that helps the Executive Office prioritize

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Schedule</u> meetings, including all Exec Team meetings, Investment Committee meetings, President / CEO’s meetings with new hires, and more

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Help hold </u>Exec Team members to deadlines.

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Own </u>knowledge management of all tools Exec Team needs (tracker, notes from meeting, other resources) in google drive

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Schedule and coordinate</u> travel for top Executives

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Print and organize</u> materials as needed

**Corporate Office**

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Work </u>with Chief of Staff on seating plans as the company grows

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Set up</u> desks for new hires

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Order </u>and maintain corporate office equipment and mobile phones

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Manage </u>and organize all office supplies. Place orders and ensure staff know how and where to find them

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Run errands</u>, including getting lunches for team meetings, picking up marketing materials from our printer, and other random stuff

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Liaise </u>with building our corporate HQ owner / landlord

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Serve </u>on our HQ move committee and help ensure our transition to it goes smoothly

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Launch </u>HQ office with Chief of Staff and manage all ongoing needs - e.g., working with vendors, ordering snacks / drinks, troubleshooting issues, etc

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Order and organize</u> our marketing material and swag, determining what we need with our Marketing Team

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Manage </u>all mail and packages, check our mailbox daily, deliver mail and packages to team members, ensure Execs sign checks on time and get them out the door.

- <u><span style="font-size: 9.5pt">Manage</span></u> all arrivals of outside guests during office hours

- <u style="font-size: 9.5pt">Track</u> our competitors weekly by doing google searches / research and updating our competitor tracker


- You hear and see yourself in more of our core values than not. And you’re really excited to live by them

- **You are client-service oriented,** ideally with at least 1-2 years in a client service work environment and/or 1-2 years in a support-focused role

- **You are a whiz at basic office tools,** such as G-Suite and Microsoft Office

- **You are our culture torch bearer.** You have the kind of personality that everyone wants to be around. Even though you’re asking us to do stuff all day long that we may not have time for, we welcome you utilizing our company-wide communication tool  to communicate your requests and rise to the occasion because we enjoy working with you and value your work ethic 

- **You have the ability to manage up** to executive leaders

- **Ability to take initiative-** You're able to rise to the occasion 

- **Super organized + naturally deadline driven.** You know what needs to get done, you have your systems and processes to keep track of it, and you are keenly aware of deadlines

- **Empathetic + thoughtful.** You truly get how busy we are and take that into account when interacting with us to get what you need. You are able to influence us without having direct authority

- **Steady + measured.** You are ‘cool as a cucumber’ under pressure and not easily overwhelmed even though your task list will consistently grow

- **Stellar communicator.** You are a strong communicator in person, via email, and on the phone

- **Confident but humble.** You exude a humble, welcoming and commanding presence and are the CEO of your workstreams

**- Constant learner.** You’ll excel at your job and over time we naturally elevate your role from just supporting our team internally to engaging directly with our external partners and stakeholders and taking on more responsibility (based on performance) You are an awesome WhyHotel brand ambassador with everyone you interact with


**Application Deadline: Start Date** : September 2019.   We need you as soon as possible!

**Salary** : $45,000-$50,000. Salary commensurate with experience - please be sure to tell us your salary expectations in our application

**Benefits + Perks** :  We match up to 100% of every dollar you contribute to our 401(k) up to 4%. You’ll get shares in the company after your first quarter. We offer medical, dental, and vision coverage. We’ll reimburse you $75/monthly for your cell phone or give you a new one

**Manager** : You’ll report to Liz Allbright, Chief of Staff

**Team Beats Individual** : We are in this together. We hold all team members responsible for bringing talent into our organization and guests to our hotels -- after-all, it’s the only way we’re going to grow

**Answers to Your Questions** : We have hopefully anticipated and answered many of your questions in our insider candidate playbook HERE.  Please read this before you apply

At WhyHotel, we don’t just accept difference — we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our staff, our work and our community.  WhyHotel is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.