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WhyHotel is pop-up hotel company operating in brand new, luxury apartment buildings.

Hotel Guest Experience Associate

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Your mission is to create and manage an exceptional experience for each of our WhyHotel guests from the moment they check in, during every moment of their stay and until they depart. Simply put, your job is to manage our beautiful space, deliver exceptional service, and delight our amazing guests.

By making each guest happier than the last and managing all the nitty gritty details you helped reinforce our culture of high expectations, accountability, and wow’d our guests at every turn. Your leadership set the bar high in terms of the expectations we now have anytime we hire a Guest Experience Associate into one of our future WhyHotel operations nationwide.

First 30 days :
WhyHotel University:
1. Attend New Hire Orientation where you learn about our WhyHotel culture, benefits, policies and procedures.
2. Learn about how to service our guests, what to say to them to make them happy, learn our system master our hotel amenities and our building layout to set yourself up for success.
3. Train and become proficient on all of our operating and reporting systems that make up our ‘front of the house’ systems so you know how to check guests in and out of their rooms.
4. Become an expert on your hotel and the surrounding neighborhood so that you can provide recommendations + concierge level services to our guests and also help solve on-site problems with creative solutions.
5. Develop a strong working relationship with all of your teammates - especially your hotel’s Rooms Inspector with whom you’ll partner closely.
6. Master all of our operating and reporting systems that make up our front of house systems.

First 90 days of operation:
1. Master all our front of house processes to ensure they are serving our guests at the highest levels.
2. Ensure your hotel shines when it comes to operational excellence. You’ll know you’re doing this well when multiple guests write positive online reviews of their interactions with you and you team.
3. Crosstrain with our Front of House Manager and Assistant General Manager (AGM) to understand what they do so that you can offer a more sophisticated level of service and contribute your ideas as to how we can offer an even better service and become a more innovative company.
4. Meet all requirements to exit your 90 day probation period.

1. Serve as a strong contributor to our overall front of house operation:
- Know all team members from your shift and key counterparts from other departments and proactively communicate with them to
identify and solve both short-term and long-term issues.

2. Be a leader by example and top performer to help your team achieve and maintain:
- An average 4.8 out of 5 stars and mentions of experience details and GEM team member names in reviews.
- Airbnb’s classification of Superhost, Airbnb for Work and Airbnb Plus, where applicable.
- Employee engagement rating of >8.
- WhyHotel brand standards in terms of quality, warmth of space, and process efficient hospitality.
- Consistently improve NPS Score ratings.
- Also - help to limit our SkyLobby controllable expenses.

3. Help create and be an active member of our WhyHotel team by living our core values.

1. You have a high school diploma
2. You are a people person, love making other people happy, and your personality is infectious.
3. You leave a positive lasting impression on everyone you come in contact with. After our guests chat with you, they are excited to run into you again during their stay. You make them never want to stay anywhere else other than a WhyHotel.
4. At work, you’re the kind of person that everyone is excited to be around because they feel like you’re a true team player.
5. And...if you happen to have a successful history as a front desk agent or any related hospitality experience that’s a total bonus in our eyes.

- Salary: $18/hour
- Hours: You would be serving our guests from 6:30am - 3pm and 2:30pm - 11pm. In this role, you are required to work a rotation of these two shifts.
- Perks: We match up to 100% of every dollar you contribute to our 401(k) up to 4%. You'll get stock options in the company after your first quarter. And we provide medical and dental insurance.
- Location: You will be working at our Seattle property (210 Wall Street, Seattle WA). When your pop-up hotel winds down, our hope is to be able to offer you a role at another one of our pop-ups either in your city or in another one. If you like to travel, there's no better way to see the country!