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All about Personalities, Relationships, and Companies.

All about Personalities, Relationships, and Companies.

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Whotype is the first social platform for exploring personality patterns and the unique motivations that connect our most important personal and professional relationships. Whotype helps identify user-specific personality patterns using machine learning, visualizing the dynamics of each connection as well as relative compatibility. Discover how to best work and best agree by understanding our most important relationships.

Companies have a personality too and Whotype helps to harness the dynamics at work in the workplace. From hiring and candidate analysis, to building teams and managing company culture to managing the company's personality online, Whotype is a real social platform to help foster and promote mindful work life balance with amazing output at all levels. Harness the Power of Personality in your workplace with Whotype.

Discover the Power of Personality. whotype.com | info@whotype.com

Tomo Berry

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Founder and CTO at Whotype. Senior Software Engineer at RetailMeNot.

Greg Genung

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Founder of Whotype. 15 years in cybersecurity and high-tech. Mindfully focused toward people, process, and product. Trinity University Alumni.

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